Youtube to mp3 converter, with Peggo tv apk Android

Youtube to mp3 converter Peggo apk

Do you know Peggo tv? Looking for a Youtube to mp3 converter? There are many options like youtube mp3 converter, and the one we discuss below, will be useful to you.

YouTube is a platform for music y videos en streaming very popular all over the world. And we are not fooling anyone if we say that it is the most important today.

And it has become so popular, that a need arose among users. Being able to download the videos and have them saved in the storage but as an MP3 audio track.

A long time ago, many people used Peggo TV, the Youtube to mp3 converter.  And that's because it was an easy way to convert videos to MP3 files.

Currently there are many tools to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 and the best known are for computers. However, there are also options that are just as simple for Android and that work well.

As an example, very recently we explained how you can download music from Youtube, but with a different method. Also, we saw you as download soundcloud songs for android.

What is PeggoTV?

Peggo is the best converter to download YouTube videos to your computer or mobile device. Download videos at 128 kbps. However, users can also select quality options from 64kbps to 256kbps. Allows conversion of long videos to MP3.

Peggo app has different pro features making it the easiest MP3 converter to use.

Their characteristics are:

– Volume equalizer
– Metadata retrieval
– Integrated search
– Removal of unwanted silence
– Subtrack offsets
– Title and artist tags

If you are looking for an HD MP3 converter, Peggo is one of the best solutions we can find. You can convert your YouTube playlist to high quality MP3 using the app.

You can set the start and end time, before pressing the Record button. This means that you will only record the important part of an audio or video file and save space on your hard drive. Therefore, this application is not only used to convert YouTube playlist to MP3. Or as MP3 converter in HD, but also for partial recording of videos. Peggo is one of the best apps to download music according to

Free YouTube to mp3 converter with Peggo tv apk

Next we will show you the necessary steps that you must carry out. So you can use the Youtube to mp3 converter, all the songs and videos you want.

Peggo TV Youtube to mp3 converter

Features of Peggo TV to Convert YouTube to MP3

We have tried many tools until we came across Peggo.Tv, which offers us several interesting functions. And among the features, we have quick edits in case we don't want the whole fragment of the song. In addition, we can choose between the different bit rates.

It has a super simple and clean interface with a single ad at the bottom. It also has a versión web compatible with mobiles, in case we do not want to install the application on our Android. This app downloads audio and video from Youtube. It is similar to tube mate 3.

Direct transmission

Users can watch the video with the help of the video preview option or the stream directly from the YouTube option. This can be done simply by pressing 'Play' on the video.

record simultaneously

Users can save video, audio or both simultaneously with Peggo. TV

efficient unloading

It is also possible to change the name of the artist and the title of the album, before saving it to the hard drive.

Flexible Sequences

An option to choose the time sequence of the video or audio files by selecting the "start" and "stop" buttons on the page.

Professional Features

Peggo. TV has options to normalize, remove silence, discover metadata options, etc. Each feature is explained, when the user moves the cursor over the “?” symbol.

Steps to use the online Youtube mp3 converter with Peggo tv

To download any video and use the YouTube mp3 converter, you must follow a few very simple steps:

Youtube to mp3 converter Peggo Tv

  1. You have to open a video on YouTube.
  2. Now you have to click on the button “Share".
  3. You give the option that says “Copy to clipboard".
  4. Now you have to go to Peggo, and in the bar you will have to paste the link.
  5. To download the video in mp3 you must click on the button «Record MP3«
  6. We wait a few seconds for Peggo converter to pass the file to mp3/mp4.

A menu will automatically appear. In it you will see all the editing options that the platform has to download the video.

And you can select all the music or a single fragment. Although it is also possible to tag the name of the group and the theme so that it later appears in the player. Of course, to change the sound quality, you have to go to the settings menu. It appears when you press the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

From there you can set the value to your liking. Although by default it is in 128 and you can go up to 256.

Download Peggo TV APK for Android

Significantly peggo tv It is not available on Google Play. And this is because obviously Google is not interested in you downloading music from its platform.

In addition, it does not ask for any strange permissions and you can rest assured that it is not malware. And to download it you can enter the APK link or the official website.

It may interest you:

Of course, remember to tell us how it went. What do you like most about this platform? Peggo tv youtube to mp3 converter and that is completely free.

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